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TBS 's Om Ali Fuels Outrage on Social Media

Ever since TBS has opened, it vowed to offer the optimum ingredients, to successfully stand out as one of the top bakeries in Egypt, presenting a variety of heavenly donuts, croissants, sandwiches, etc. Recently, TBS announced a partnership with the Four Fat Ladies and the consequences were disastrous.
They created their new Croissant Om Ali for Ramadan, that looked absolutely stunning, and they delivered samples to some celebrities as a form of publicity for their new product.
Suddenly, this week, there was a huge buzz on the social media for food poisoning cases from TBS’ Om Ali. First, we thought that these were rumours attempting to spoil TBS’s reputation, however, the complaints started to insanely increase. It was even claimed by a user that Om Ali smelled like rotten eggs.
TBS Facebook page was then loaded with complaints from frustrated customers who tried Om Ali, expressing their massive disappointment and their severe suffer from food poisoning symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.
TBS released an announcement yesterday on their Facebook page to officially announce ‘we are discontinuing the production of our Croissant Om Ali, and are taking action to investigate the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused some of our loyal customers,’ said Sameh Sadat, TBS Chief Investment Officer.
Later on, they apologized mentioning that they will ‘personally contact affected customers one by one, and will work on lab tests to determine batch problem.’
In addition to this, TBS made an initiative to solve the customers’ complaints by asking them to contact Tabibi on 16724, that can visit them at home to be given a medical remedy, and all the expenses would be covered by TBS.
A remedy was then posted by a Facebook user as follows ‘ Use gastrobiotic as an antibiotic, visceralgine for spasmolytic, eat fruits, and drink lots of water’.
Well, we currently expect that TBS would declare the results from the lab tests, which are in process with the date and the ETA, so that people could receive the proper medications accordingly.
UPDATE – July 12th
TBS released the results from the lab tests, as following:

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